Cerberus was the original hellhound of the Underworld. He was created in the pictures (which I did it) to be Crunch and his family's pet. It started in a long winter where Crunch was running where he had 3 puppies in his hand and he climbed into his tree house (that's where he lives with his family) and knocks on the door and Tani opens the door and Crunch shows his wife that he rescued 3 dogs. However, after years passed, Crunch woke up and he sees that the puppy is gone. Crunch goes out and sees fire and he sees that his 3 puppies are conjointed. Crunch sees 2 dobermen heads and a single poodle head and sees that his dog has 3 heads and is huge. He calls his dog Cerberus. This version of Cerberus was the same model from Billy and Mandy. Tackle loves to play with Cerberus, but Tasha doesn't like Cerberus that he destroys her room and and bites her. Aku Aku returned to destroy the world and reveals that he tricked Crash and his family o he can get the crystals and he just used Tiny and Dingodile to kill them. Tiny and Dingodile got so mad that they joined the good side. Cerberus burns Aku Aku's feahters and they turn to ashes. Cerberus was forced to leave Crunch's family or Crunch and his family will get killed. Cerberus walks as he saw his sibilings, Chimera and Hydra. Chimera and Hydra were prisoners and Cerberus realases them. Aku Aku noticed that Cerberus returned and Chimera and Hydra jumped on Aku Aku and drag him to the Underworld. Tasha became sad that she hated every monster she've seen and shows Cerberus saved her life and she guess there are some good monsters. Cerberus sleeps outside since he is to to big to fit in the house and can't climb small trees. Tackle plays fetch with Cerberus and Tackle says "Good boy, Cerberus." And Cerberus gets angry that there are more than one head. Tackel then said "Ohh sorry, I mean good boys." All of Cerberus' heads were spiked collars.