The Fake Crunches are two fake versions of Crunch Bandicoot and they are only seen in The Digital Artwork about Crunch and his family. Fake Crunch #1 resembles Crunch in CTTR and Fake Crunch #2 resembles Crunch from CNK. The once stoled Tawna's bra and unknown what happened to Fake Crunch #2. Fake Crunch #1 is still at large and he thinks he's the best and picks on Trash Bandicoot. Trash doesn't get it why Fake Crunch thinks he has more fans, Trash has more fans than him. Trash became angry and told Fake Crunch to shut his mouth or he'll call real Crunch. Fake Crunch still thinks a little person will call a person who is bigger and a few moments later, the real Crunch Bandicoot came and grabs Fake Crunch on his ears and head and begins to tear him apart off-screen. Trash became happy that Crunch came and an ambulet picks up the injured Fake Crunch.