Goblin is a former villain and a member of Team Bandicoot. He is mixed with a kangaroo and a mysterious reptile. He doesn't make a real appearance in Outcast Bandicoot, so he's just a fan character.

He was once a normal kangaroo and when Cortex captured him, he mutates him in the Evolvo-Ray, but an iguana-like creature somehow got in and Goblin was created being part mammal and reptile. He has a big brain and learns how to build machines and he used one to attack Cortex. Goblin is also very selfish to Tiny by calling him names, because he thinks Goblin is not a hero.

When Uka Uka captured him in tournament of heroes, he was forced to face Tiny and he lost in the battle. Hot-Head, Thresher, Crunchy, Dingodile, Water Buffalo, and Tiny were also captured and Crunch had to save them. After Uka Uka is defeated, Goblin became a member of Team Bandicoot.