Spinosaurus is a carnivorous dinosaur with a long spiny sail on its back. This creature was seen in the pictures(made by me) of Crunch Bandicoot. It escaped out of the Prehistoric Park and went on a rampage. A Dromaeosaurus fights the Spinosaurus as it hands on the Spinosaurus and bites it. The Dromaeosaurus couldn't hold long enough so it fell in the dinosaur's jaws and the Spinosaurus shakes the raptor and crushes it to death and probably eats the Dromaeosaurus. The Spinosaurus was shot by Crunch with a tranquilizer. Crunch then went outside and sees the most dangerous Dromaeosaurus that came, the alpha male with a clan of females. Crunch killed most of the females and there were only 3 left and the alpha male was hard to beat. The Spinosaurus reappears and fights the alpha male Dromaeosaurus. The alpha male Dromaeosaurus chases Crunch and Tani, but the Spinosaurus pushes the Dromaeosaurus, protecting Crunch and his family. The raptor has strong claws and jaws as he starts attacking the Spinosaurus, but like the victim Dromaeosaurus, the alpha Dromaeosaurus falls into the Spinosaurus' jaws and the dinosaur crushes the raptor to death.