Tiny Tiger is a gigantic, muscular Tasmanian tiger and was once Cortex's minion. When Crunch went to find his room to see which is his room. He first went to room 001 and he didn't noticed 001 is Tiny Tiger's room. He looked as it was dark and he was Tiny and he growled and Crunch quickly closed his room as he almost got Crunch. Tiny was revealed to be Tani's little brother (although he is taller than her). He loved Tani and now he told her to come back, but she had to work to do. Tiny is now on his own side. One time in a YouTube video, Tiny wanted food and N. Gin told him to watch Tawna and he'll get food. Tiny thinks Tawna looked tasty so he grabbed Tawna and eats her.


  • In Crash of the Titans, Tiny is an endangered Siberian tiger instead of a thylacine.
  • As a thylacine, his attitude may seem angry, but he speaks broken English and usually refers to himself in third person.
  • Tiny may seem to be dangerous and sometimes, he likes Crash, but will also try to attack him (in Wrath of Cortex, Tiny saw a hologram of Crash and attempt to swipe him).